Webinar: Tackling hazard awareness and perception among fleet drivers

  • 14 Mar 2017
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Webinar


Tuesday 14 March 2017, 11am-12.30pm (AEST).

 FREE to attend

This webinar will explore hazard perception among drivers, the challenges to fleet managers, and best practice methodologies for addressing the issue.

Ability to see hazards, perceive them as hazards, and react appropriately in time is key to safe fleet driving. Yet transport psychologists have shown that drivers can easily miss hazards due to factors such as route familiarity and "change blindness" (not being able to spot something different on a familiar route), and the fact their mind may be "elsewhere" and not engaged with the driving task at all.

Academic and practitioner speakers will discuss the challenge this presents to fleet managers, and best practice methodologies for assessing hazard perceptiveness of new and experienced drivers.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Horswill, Associate Professor, The University of Queensland

Who should attend: Professionals working in the areas of fleet, transport, and risk management, insurance professionals, CSR and HR managers, and representatives of any organisation requiring their employees to drive for work.

This webinar is free to attend. To register, complete our online form or email brakecharity@gmail.com.